Timber Prices

Current Mill Prices

White Ash 286 338 333 340
White Birch 350 228 233 350
Yellow Birch 363 433 482 470
Black Cherry 503 433 338 400
Sugar Maple 525 525 450 410
Red Maple 297 300 325 N/A
Red Oak 392 419 400 455
Prices compiled May 1, 2012

These prices are generally for #1 hardwood logs, at least 8 feet long, with three clear faces and a minimum 12-inch top diameter. In the timber world, this is a log of average quality, not a prime sawlog and not a poor one.

Landowners should remember that the dollar amount here indicates what is being paid for logs that have been felled, limbed, skidded, bucked, and delivered to a mill or buyer. The cost of logging and trucking need to be subtracted from these figures to arrive at the price paid to the landowner. Because every job is different, these costs vary widely.

Negotiating a fair price requires an understanding of markets and job conditions. It’s recommended that landowners without this knowledge use a forester as an agent. A forester’s fee will add to the cost, but their representation will often result in a higher payment for the timber.

These data are compiled from interviews with suppliers and buyers, and from the most recent print and on-line versions of the Sawlog Bulletin and used by permission. For more information on the Sawlog Bulletin, call 603-837-1101 or go to sawlogbulletin.org. Please note that many of these prices were reported three months prior to our publication date, and current prices could be higher or lower.